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truth or drink

The cold hard truth, or a nice, stiff drink?

Liquor lubricates the truth, so we invite pairs of people to transgress the boundaries of their relationship with rapid-fire questions: either answer with the sobering truth, or take a shot.

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Fear pong

Your classic game of beer pong with a challenging twist - every score comes with a diabolical dare.

Grab life by the ball in our twist on the campus classic drinking game: each plastic cup hides a humiliating dare underneath.

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Strangers test their intuition and guess who’s who.

We invite contestants to break the one cardinal rule upon which society is built: don’t tell people what you think of them straight to their face. Strangers guess from a lineup which people belong to a particular social group--cringing the entire time.

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strange buds

420 for all!

Strangers and old friends alike reach higher consciousness with the help of the Earth’s great mediator, cannabis--with plenty of giggles and coughing fits along the way.

YT Reach -> 225MM +

FB REACH -> 60MM +


keep it 100

A shared human experience, served 100 ways.

100 people of all kinds show us the diverse ways people dance, orgasm, sing, eat a banana, get pied in the face, and so much more.

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parents explain

Sit down. We need to have a talk. 

Parents sit their kids down for some of life’s biggest--and most awkward--lessons.

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FB REACH -> 65mm +



The big world--through tiny eyes.

Kids describe to our trustworthy illustrator images from their wildest imaginations.

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On killing

What does it mean to kill?

We ask people who have taken human life to describe the indescribable.

YT Reach -> 15mm +

FB REACH -> 5mm +


one word 

We all respond to one word in very different ways.

Cut invites people from different groups to weigh in on one word--and their responses show us just how complicated and unique we all are.

YT Reach -> 80mm +

FB REACH -> 15MM +


dirty data 

Making a mess in the wisdom of crowds.

We see political polls all the time, but do we ask how they represent the truth? We invite crowds of people to weigh in on politics, and see just how messy those percentages are.

YT Reach -> 2mm +

FB REACH -> 10mm +


around the world

We send Cut across the world.

In a whirlwind tour across every time zone, Cut asks its new friends to show us how they curse, kiss, pee, and more in their neck of the woods.

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FB REACH -> 10mm +


would you rather

Two terrible choices, and no way out. Dan and Dietrich play Would You Rather, a twisted game of deliberation, humiliation, and pain.

Made with our friends at Watchable!


kids play

The HiHo kids try toys from around the world.

YT Reach -> 5MM+

FB REACH -> 3mm+


kids meet

The HiHo kids meet everyday heroes.

YT Reach -> 20MM+

FB REACH -> 20mm+


kids try

We recruit a panel of kids to try some of the most-loved foods from around the world.

YT Reach -> 135mm+

FB REACH -> 35mm+


kids describe

Kids describe things, and an illustrator draws them.

YT Reach -> 34mm+

FB REACH -> 11mm+



The kids of HiHo Kids open fan mail, unbox gifts, and respond to fan questions.

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